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Welcome everyone to our official House of Soul Show podcast channel powered by cyberJAMZ Radio. Bookmark this page and keep up to date with all of our podcasts shows and Special guest Deejays featured Cyberjamz Internet Radio & Special guest Djs (since 2003)


The Award Winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio has been at the forefront of house music since 2003. We are proud to continue our tradition of providing this music service! Check out The House of Soul Show w/ Dj SammyRock & Dj Housecat (La gata de fuego) every Monday from 9am – 2pm est USA TIME


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Special Soul Oasis Show with SammyRock Cyberjamz Radio

1)X-Klussive: Speak Lyfe- Shino Blackk – http://bit.ly/2MIIQVG or http://bit.ly/2GnNAQc

2)Remix Pick: Keke Wyatt – Fall in Love (BRUJERIA SOUL REWERK) https://bit.ly/2QyTeo2

3)All I need is you – The Bros https://bit.ly/2UShzDH

4)A Cyber-JAM Pick: Shadow Drumz-DjjoelS -Xpanding Minds E.P- http://bit.ly/2US69jn

5)Roll Back Vinyl: LAL The Corners EP- Nick Holder Remix

6)X-Klussive: Let’s get Closer – Atlantic Starr (Dj Phantom Edit) http://bit.ly/2UsJ2Lo

7)Baby Powder & Edit – Soul Oasis vs. JerzPeach

8)Track Pick: Fire – DJ Satelite & Jackie Queens (DJMreja & Neuvikal Soule Remix) https://bit.ly/2GlWcHO

9)JAM & Edit- When a Black Man Walks – Neiel Israel (Soul-Cat vs. The Black Knight Edit)

10)Big Moses Feat. Kenny Bobien – Brighter Days (acca-edit)

11)X-Klussive: Tell Me All About It – Natalie Cole (Dj Punch Baby Powder Classic Remix)

Slept n Track and E.P – Walk on By – DjJoelS – https://bit.ly/2zUUlXn

12)Roll Back Music & Vinyl: Smile – Jasper Street Company

13)Love this Cutt: The DNA Injection – DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) (NEW MASTERED VERSION)
Klassik Chicago & Tony Loveless- https://bit.ly/2PScPvq or https://bit.ly/2pIMTXe

14)X-Klussive: My journey Home – Dj Elliott Venegas – coming soon

16)Jam n Edit I called U – Lil Louis (Joe Classell Edit)Joaquin Joe Claussell’s Unofficial Edits And Overdubs

17)Brainstorm, Dj Punch – Loving is Really My Game (DJ PUNCH Re-Werk)

18)Track Pick: Mystic Chant – George Lesley (Mark Francis Edit)
Mr.Eclectic – https://bit.ly/2SUltug

19)I get deep-Roland Clark (Soul Oasis acca-edit)

20)Roll back Music & Edit: Say A Prayer For Two – Crown Heights Affair (Pied Piper ReWork & Edit)

a Lil Prayer

21)Roll back Jam & Remix – Don’t leave me this way – Thelma Houston – https://bit.ly/2S7r7ZP

22)Jam & Remix Pick: Send for Me – Atlantic Starr (Franke Estevez Fuzion Remix)

23)Slept on Cyberjamz Recs: Wonderful Feat. Coco Corey (Cee Holmes Original Mix) – https://bit.ly/2EDtMrl

24)X-Klusive: Philly Jam – David Shell off The Ride E.P coming soon

25)X-Klussive: Jam 300 (Dats Ghay Drama – Acca-Attock) – Spartacus Maximus

26)Roll Back Music & Edit: Follow me – Alys (Soul Oasis Ride the Edit)

27)Track Pick: Cranes in the Sky – Tracy Hamlin (Dj Oji Extended Vocal Mix) – https://bit.ly/2CkKwBg

28)Jam & Track Pick: That Sound – Elbert Philips feat. Carla Prather & Shamrock


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