The House of Soul w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis at Cyberjamz Radio Headquarterz

Here is one of those sets that covers a wide variety of genres and musical influences.I hope you guys truly enjoy this set.



2)Fresh Prince of Bellair – Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith(Soul Oasis Edit)

3)Welcome to our World of Rock da House – Mass Production (SoulCat Edit)



6)Tap it – RescuePoetix (SoulCat Edit)

7)He’s Gonna Make It Alright – Mike Dunn & The RC Groove Project –

8)Part of you Remixes – Oscar P Bliss (Enoo Napa Remix)

9)Let me be your Fantasy – The Love Symphony Orchestra – (HOTWMD SoulCat Klassic Edit)

10)The Voice of Q – Q (Soul Oasis Klassic Edit)

11)I walk with Him – Mona Bode (Glenn Gregory Remixes)

12)Hit & Run – L.Holloway (Dj Punch Baby Powder Classic Remix) Exclusive

13)If Only – Jaidene Veda – Tayo Wink Remix

14)Mystery Lady – Billie Ocean (Remix)

15)No Sleep – Janet Jackson(Tayo Wink Bruja Remix)

16)Knocking on my Door – Carolyn Victorian (Dj Pope Baltimore Vocal Mix)

17)Ghetto Sun 70 (Abe Ab Seven Rodriguez) –

Soul-Rap (Soul Oasis)

18)The Clash ?– The Magnificent Seven (Dj Punch Baby Powder Classic Remix) Exclusive

19)It Happend at Night (The Ragga-Muffin Remixes) Seductive Sapphire (Dj Eddie-Ed Ragga House Mix)coming soon Toupee

20)Wave Runnerz – Brian Nance –

21)Your access is Not Denied – Seductive Sapphire (Dj Buzzard Re-thought Remix) coming soon Cyberjamz

22)Where is the Love- Roberta Flack & Donny Hataway (House Remix)

23)Heal – Krewcial ?(Soul Oasis Church Edit)

24)All I want – Carlos Sanchez Movement – Grown & Sexy III – Cyberjamz Recs Exclusive

24)The Wish of Rhyme & Reason – Hyena vs. George Duke (Soul Oasi Nexxus)

25)The Wish – Hyena –

26)Bounce- Barbaros (Bodo Felusch Remix)

27)Sweet in the Morning (Church Remix) Butch – Exclusive –

28)One – RescuePoetix – Arnaud D.

29)Shame-Black Latin Soul – Ray Roc Remix

30)Bump-n-Grind (R.Kelly) Electronic Remix

Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our show and site.Check in every Monday from 9am -2pm est for the House of Soul w/SammyRock at DjHousecat(la gata de fuegl) LIVE at

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