Cyberjamz Radio pres.Year of the Woman Dj Music Series with guest Kimberly Kohler

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Published on: February 3, 2018

Cyberjamz Radio™ / Real Women House™ & Rescue Poetix™ Management presents: “Year of the Woman Dj” Music Series feat Kimberly Kohler.

This past week we jumped off our music series and it was such a wonderful music ride with Kimberly Kohler that she put a smile on your faces with all the roll back music (classics) she dropped on in her set.
I’m truly happy to be able to feature such talent and support Women Djs from across the world featuring music across all genres of this thing we call House.

The Year of the Woman Dj Music Series airs every Thursday from 3- 5pm est. at

Kimberly Kohler is a highly decorated deejay,producer and music selekta from the old school and she is about to take us on serious musical journey Thursday Feb 1,208 to kick off our Music Series.She also skillfully chooses her selections and create moods for those that remember how we used to do it.We will get a full dose of music spanning from genre to genre as she keeps the most important element of playing music .. which is all about the music selections and less of trying for that perfect beat match of which she brings to the table.

Kimberly was also featured on the Disconet Dj News article featuring several of her extended mixes from Bananarama,Fun Boy’s Three & David Bowie’s (R.I.P) joint “Cat People” (Putting out Fire) to name a few..Miss Kimberly also has a very nice piece that was released in 1983 entitled “Dj Girl” produced by Bobby Orlando on Bobcat Records among other fantastic remixes and accomplishments.

If time permits stop by and support or Women of Music !!

SammyRock & Catherine Harris Rowell“`

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