The House of Soul w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis in the Mix March 05,2018.

The House of Soul w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis in the Mix March 05,2018.

Click play and let your emotions ride out into the sunset. Big thanks to everyone for the love and support of our show and all the shows at the Award winning Cyberjamz Internet Radio since 2003.

The Soulist:

1)Rapid Winds – Classic Man –

2)Open my Heart – Y.Adams – CalvinSol Remix –

DNA Injection – Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) (Soul Oasis Mix)

3)He Says – Dj WM.J feat. Seductive Sapphire coming soon Ming Fuckked E.P – deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz

4)Pretty young Thing – MJ – (Dj Punch Baby Powder Classic Remix)

5)Sacred – Paris Cesvette Luis “Loowee R” Rivera, Josh Milan –

6)Lo Siento – Kiko Navarro, Concha Buika –

7)Olle Mami – Elliott ‘DjEv’ Venegas


9)Just Call – Paris Cesvette, JUNIOR –


11)Guardians (Talk Mix) Soul Society

12)Softest Place On Earth – CalvINSOL

13)Joe T Vannelli feat Csilla (MAW Remxi) – Play with the Voice –

14)DNA Injection – DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) – CalvinSol Test Mix – coming soon Toupee Recs.

15)DNA Injection – DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)Ronald Overby (The 5am Afrocentric Fiya Remix)coming soon to deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz Recs.

16)Love – Kendric Lamar (Casamena Basement Edit)

17)You (Dj Punch Remix), Raheem De Vaughn –

18)Aaliyah – Loose Rap (SoL Remix)

19)No Ordinary Love – Sade (Soul Oasis vs. Calvin Sol Remix) X-Klusive

20)D.H.M Cyber Funk ( Da Hit Makers Funky Joint Mix ) Puff Puff Pass E.P coming soon Toupee Recs.

21)Need You In My Life – Paris Cesvette, Darryl Walker –

22)He Say’s – Dj WM J feat Seductive Sapphire – Mind Fuckked E.P – deerSide of Cyberjamz

22)So Right – Paris Cesvette and Dawn Tallman –

23)Livin in Love – Vanessa L.Smith (Glenn Gregory Mix) X-Klussive Demo

24)In The Middle – Kentrell –

25)Glory & Honor – Lady Alma – Darryl James Extended Vocal Mix –

26)My First Love – Mona Bode (DJ Hakuei Remix) – X-Klussive coming soon

27)Simple Drum-DJ ERV – off the upcoming No End In Sight E.P- X-Klussive coming soon Cyberjamz

Thanks to everyone for checking in every Monday from 9am – 2pm est to The House of Soul w/SammyRock and Djhousecat(la gata de fuego)

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