T.H.O.S with DjHousecat (la gata de fuego) March 26,2018 Show

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Published on: April 7, 2018

Welcome to the House of Soul Podcast Page.What we have here is another gorgeous set by my partner DjHousecat(la gata de fuego). This lady can not only mix but creats moods which can be heard in the track selections and transistions. Hope you can lend her an ear and let the music take you to wherever you wanna go.

Thanks to everyone for the love and support of our shows and site.

The Catlist:

1)Eya (Da Capos Touch)Blaq Soul ft Kamil – https://bit.ly/2I6Mdlx

2)Gemini Soul (Main Saxed Mix)AfriQan Child – https://bit.ly/2G6WWjp

3)Open The Sound – Ronald Overby & YoungDj (Brian Nance Deep Marimba Vibez) – https://bit.ly/2G6Xc1R

4)Dancing Feels Like feat GoddesStephanie Pirahnahead – https://bit.ly/2GmRDMn

5)Deep In Da Sole (Original Mix) Brian Nance

6)Welcome Aboard (Lazarus Man Interlude) -Liquideep https://apple.co/2GmUpRN

7)Deep House Maniacs feat Siba Cloud 9 (Tony Loreto Instrumental) – https://bit.ly/2I1Eju0

8)Humanity-RescuePoetix- (Tayo Wink Massive Rythms Mix) – https://bit.ly/2uiHWd1

9)Learning To Love Me (P’s Deep Soul Mix)Charles Webster feat. Diviniti – https://bit.ly/2pJZvge

10)Dancefloor Inn (Deeper Inn) O’Reilley – https://bit.ly/2GoTobP

11)In the Morning (Main Raw Vocal)Kerri Chandler and Monique Bingham – https://bit.ly/2pKXZeb

12)Our Love – Tayo WInk – https://bit.ly/2GvGxop

13)All Of The Time – Brian Johnson – https://bit.ly/2I2R0Ve

14)Is This Love (Tropicall Remix ) Tropicall feat. Bob Marley – https://bit.ly/2I53xaS

15)No Rules To Love (Kai Alce Instrumental Mix) Erik Riko – https://bit.ly/2pH05vn

16)Essence Of You Goddess- NRG Diamondancer – https://bit.ly/2GbyCsV

17)Welcome Home (Tribute To My Son Mix) Kay-9ine – https://bit.ly/2hLbLdp

18)With Love (Greg Gauthier & Tony L Dub)Allen Hoist – https://bit.ly/2G6D2Fk

19)Feels Like Home (Vocal Mix) Mdcl Feat. Ovasoul7 – https://bit.ly/2I6OKfx

20)Guakia Baba (Congo Mix)Realm Of House – https://bit.ly/2GmXpO3

21)Asikolo (Hallex M & Loic L Remix Regrooved By Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios) DJ Fudge – https://bit.ly/2GoXSzb

22)Jazztronik – Dentro Mi Alma (Reel People Remix) – https://bit.ly/2pJ0JbJ

23)Pierre-Reynolds-Only-You (Original Mix) https://bit.ly/2GoTK2d

24)Your Love Keeps (Afro Mix)Stephen Rigmaiden – https://bit.ly/2Gv4098

25)Elevator (Going Up)Louie Vega starring Monique Bingham – https://bit.ly/2pIad7Z

26)No Making Up With You (Terry Hunter BANG! Remix)Peven Everett – https://bit.ly/2DVKyNe

27)Off The Hook (Booker T Remix)Jody Watley – https://bit.ly/2umi8ww

28)Louie Vega Starring Kaylow – Can We Keep This Going – https://bit.ly/2hZfQxq

Check out The House of Soul w/Sammy Rock & Dj Housecat every Monday from 9am-2pm est (USA time)

booking: contacthousecat@gmail.com or sammyrock@mail.com

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