The Cyberjamz Radio Year of the Woman Dj feat. Spirit in Motion Dj Montana (Monti)

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Published on: April 29, 2018

Cyberjamz Radio,Real Women House & JAS – RescuePoetix Management pres: Year of the Woman Dj Music Series 2018 feat Montana Monti of Spirits on Motion.

This show aried last Thursday April 26,2018 with my NuBang Clan sister Dj Montana and let me tell you she rocked it ! There is no playlist at time of airing,so download this set and enjoy the grooves.

Bio & Info

Evolution is nothing new to the duo Spirits in Motion. Coming from separate experiences in the music industry Harlem NY born Nadeeah Eshe and New Orleans transplant Montana Monti developed their union through several levels of evolution. The organic growth of Spirits in Motion and foundation they’ve established clearly demonstrate that they are truly a force to be reckoned with, the flow of their music touching the spirits that are in motion beyond the dance floor.

Spirits In Motion House DJs Montana Monti and Nadeeah Eshe’ are committed to
connecting all bridges that reflect the music and culture of the African Diaspora.Montana Monti embodies, shares and brings the spirit of New Orleans to the rest of the world thru The Second Line dance and Brass Band Music. Nadeeah Eshe brings the diverse musical cultures of Harlem and New York City. Together DJs Montana Monti and Nadeeah Eshe’ have formed a bond of Soulful, Afro, Deep, Classic and all House that reflects the African Diaspora and New Orleans music called Spirits in Motion. Known for playing Underground, current, spiritual, Uplifting music Nadeeah’s
experience as a DJ was well established prior to the 2007 Spirits in Motion event launch. Montana’s natural evolution from over more than a Decade of experience in the
music industry as host/promoter to DJ began in 2008 further connecting Montana and Nadeeah behind the decks.

Spirits in Motion’s passion is evident in their intense love of what they do. “I can’t stop talking about MUSIC and how it affects everyone in a different way”, Montana shares when asked what she’s passionate about. Nadeeah shares much of the same frame of mind: “I want those who hear me feel a sense of HEALED SPIRIT, MIND and SOUL. DANCING IS THE BONUS!” The Spirits in Motion event has hosted and incredible litany of DJs such as Tony Touch, Spinna, Manchild Black , Mikki Afflick, James Vincent (Chicago), Manski (NY), Sabine Blazin (Haiti/NY), Charo Velecio (Cuba/NY), Datgurl Curly (NY). Having played with the Who’s Who of the New York House Music Scene, they have shared the decks with such DJs as Timmy, Regisford, Louie Vega, Ian Friday, Jihad
Muhammed, Anane, Sabine Blazin, Dj Disciple, Herb Martin, Oscar P, Roland Clark, Salah Ananse, Mark Francis, Adam Rios, The Wizard Brian Coxx, Ritmo Y Tumbao, Saint Sanchez and Greg Grey. Their reach has touched every corner of New York at venues such as Cielo (NYC), Green House(“Shelter” NYC), Sullivan Room (NYC),Party House (NYC), Le Poisson Rouge ( NYC), Bar 13 (NYC), Meridian 23 (NYC), TBA (BK) , Black Bear Bar ( Williamsburg BK) Frank’s Lounge (BK), to name a few. Their New Jersey appearances include Soulful Cypher presents House on the Hudson (J Owen Grundy Park Jersey City, NJ), Soulful Cypher Fall/Winter Series (Transmission, Jersey City NJ), Club Elevation (Irvington NJ), The Warehouse (Newark NJ). Beyond their home base, Spirits in Motion have been heard throughout the US and at global events, most recently in Anguilla British Caribbean at Livin in the Sun Music Festival (Nov 2016) sharing the decks with Super Nova, Kristel Morin, Walshy Fire, DJ KRAVE, Nathan Barato, Jimmy Sax, and Patris Gero. Always with a willingness to give back to the community they both love, each is dedicated to helping keep the body as well as spirit fit for what life delivers.

Community outreach includes bringing the Art of DJing to urban schools, emphasizing on women in the dance music Industry, bringing organic foods to urban areas, building sustainable
food farms in urban areas, feeding the homeless and children focused foundations. Nurturing their innate ability to lift up others with music, Montana & Nadeeah share their bond with Nu Bang Clan in bringing unity through music. Building is nowhere near complete for this dynamic team. As they prepare for the next evolution as producers and remixers, Spirits in Motion never lose sight of what it’s all about: “I love playing music that touches people’s spirits and souls so when they leave the parties they feel like they’ve been healed through the music I’ve played” says Montana. Fully-equipped to perform and bring the music ~ Montana Monti & Nadeeah Eshe’s Spirits In Motion brings a unique live DJ and Dance experience to many cultural events.Their collective creative efforts bring the music to a new height; created for the Love of Music. “Spirits In Motion” – a unique, one-of-a-kind fusion of New Orleans Brass Band music,2nd Line Dance, Deep House, African and Caribbean rhythms.

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