Special Edition 5+ hour House of Soul Show w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis at Cyberjamz Radio May 28,2018 (Part One)

Special Edition 5+ hour House of Soul Show w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis at Cyberjamz Radio May 28,2018 Part One. I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed playing it for you.

The Soulist (Part One)

1)X-Klussive: The DNA Injection (Part 2 Remixes) – Dj Housecat(la gata de fuego) – (Sal Negro Out of Control Remix) coming soon Toupee (original mixes Part One out now)

2)The breakdown (Soul Oasis Acca Edit)

3)That’s what I like – Bruno Mars (Pierre Reynolds Remix)

4)Open my Heart – Y.Adams (CalvINSOL Remix) – http://bit.ly/2ENc5G0 or https://bit.ly/2EuUPjJ

5)X-Klussive: Can We-Tank (dj.tie.be buk nekid rework 2018)

6)NIKIA SUNCHLD – Idiocracy (accapella) (SoulCat #HOTWMD Edit) https://bit.ly/2ksTq5I

7)Keeping The Faith – Chapter Two (Soul) Dock Link and Wollie Ballsax – https://bit.ly/2Lz1mPo

8)Track Pick: Rubys Flower ( DHM SunFlower Mix ) - https://bit.ly/2J7U17n

9)TracK Pick: Rise – DJ WM J feat Black Annie – https://bit.ly/2KTffre

10)X-Klussive: Blowing East- Billy Paul(EaSt1 DB Going There Mix) coming soon

11)Why Should I Try – Wil Milton & Carolyn Victorian (Milton’s Bliss NYC Vocal) – https://bit.ly/2ivJBCO

12)Bar Talk – Clark Clarke (SoulCat #HOTWMD Remix) – https://bit.ly/2I3K4IR

13)Please don’t go Away – Da Hit Makers – https://bit.ly/2I3K4IR

14)Mi Amor (SoulCat Edit)

15)X-Klussive: Anyime,Anyplace – Janet Jackson (CalvinSol Remix)

Who’s the Creator (Soul O Edit)

16)Tankie Dj – Vanaheim (Original Mix) https://bit.ly/2scQZIG

16)Love Is All I Feel – Khulile, Zanele Khumalo – https://bit.ly/2LxiXau

17)Baby I’m Ready – Levert (CalvinSol Remix) - https://bit.ly/2I3K4IR

18)X-Klussive – Shredding – RescuePoetix (Brian Nance Deep Electronica Mix)

19)Boba Fettz Set 1 – Brian Nance – https://bit.ly/2ILHL0p

20)Roll it Work It Out – PJ Morton (Dj Panther72 Remix) - https://bit.ly/2C0GECx

21)Be Present (Addvibe Mixes)
Vanessa L.Smith – Cyberjamz – https://bit.ly/2jR0DfO

22)Intoxicant Eyes (Original Mix) Arnaud D, Kamau Abayomi – https://bit.ly/2s9aWAb

23)Affirmation – Weysa Dya (Soul Oasis Downtempo Intermission Edit)

24)Tripping Out – Curtis Mayfield (Edit)

Thanks for the love everyone. Check out the House of Soul Show w/SammyRock and DjHousecat(la gata de feugo) every Monday from 9am – 2pm est at http://cyberjamz.com

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