The House of Soul w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis May 14,2018 (Part 1)

Here is part 1 of 2 that aired at Cyberjamz Internet Radio around May 14,2018.It’s a really nice set and we are sure you will enjoy it to the fullest.We also thank everyone for the love and support of our weekly show.So stream or download this mix and play it loud !

The Soulist:

1)The Chase – Vanessa L.Smith (Blackk Print Vocal Mix) Cyberjamz

2)And you know that I’m a Drift – Mr.Thruout-

3)X-Klussive The Greatest Sex (R.Kelly CalvinSol’s FLoorWork Mix)

Resist – RescuePoetix – Soul Oasis acca-edit

4)Scatt Trakk – Stacey Kidd (Soul Oasis Roll back Edit)

5)Smile- Dj Punch & Naeem Johnson Baby Powder Love Mix –

6)Heaven – Bebe & Cece Winans (dj Spivey Edit)

7)Roll back Vinyl – Deep Lat’N'Soul – Mike Dunn

8)X-Klussive – So gone – Jill Scott (CalvinSol Remix)

9)X-Klussive Let me In – DjjoelS comings soon deeperSide of Cyberjamz

10)Track Pick: Flares on the horizon – (Original Mix) Addvibe

11)Track Pick: Nothing back (Original Mix) Addvibe, Camilla Luna –

12)Afro Sun – Jah Rain – Mikki Afflick Mix –

13)Roca – NXNY – (Sted E & Dybrid Hights Remix)

14)X-Klussive – Why Cant we Live – DJEV Tribal Mix – coming soon Cyberjamz

15)Track Pick: Time To Bang Remixes – (Carolyn Victorian & DJ Oji)

16)Iroke (House Mixes) – Edground & Airily (Beatsqueezers Remix) -

17)Track Pick: Light Up The Sky – Stephanie Cooke (Tom Glide’s Divas Mix) –

18)I’m Free – Andrea Love, (David Harness And Homero Espinosa Remix) –

19)X-Klussive What’s in a Kiss – David Britton Mix

20)Track Pick: Chapter Two (Soul) – Deeper Than Deep
Commonwealth Editson –

21)X-Klussive Be Present – Vanessa L.Smith (Addvibe Deepfro Dub Remix) –

22)Track Pick: Catfish – Tankie-DJ –

23)LOVE. The Deep Dance – Princess Tam Tam (RIP) (Young Dj Remix) –

24)X-Klussive Baby Powder & Whistels – JerzPeach(Dj Phantom Unreleased Mix) coming soon Cyberjamz

25)Roll back Music: Tonight ,I’m Alright – Narada Michael Walden (SoulCat #HOTWMD Edit)

26)Roll back Music: Hit & Run Lover- Carol Jiani

27)Track Pick: Never Alone – Kyle Kim & Sheree Hicks – (Kenny Carpenter Mix) –

28)Track Pick He was – Dj WM J feat Black Annie –

29)X-Klussive NuYo Sol – Calvin Soul (The Dj Tool)

30)X-Klussive The DNA Injection – DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) (CalvinSol Broken Genetic Code Remix)

31)X-Klussive The Soul Scene – Soul Oasis vs. Joe (A Soul Oasis Nexxus)

32)Classic Throwback (SoulCat Funky Edit)

Thanks to everyone that checked into this show. The House of Soul airs every Monday from 9am – 2pm est at

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