Special Soul Oasis Show w/SammyRock Monday Oct 8,2018 (Part 2)

SammyRock aka Soul Oasis in the Mix at Cyberjamz Radio Monday Oct 8,2018 (Part Two)

This set was fun to play, so come go with me for a moment in time and let yourself go! Stream or download this part two SoulCast for your listening pleasure.

The Soulist:

Part 2

1)The Obeah Man-Exuma

2)Heart’s a Mess (Original version) RogiĆ©rs – https://bit.ly/2zX0q3h

3)X-Klussive: Footwork n Powder – Steve OH Traxx coming soon deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz

4)Track Pick: Shannon Chambers ft. Kwesi Bless – Feel The Magic (Shannon’s Mahogany Soul Mix) https://bit.ly/2OQY66x

5)Tack Pick: Luis Loowee R Rivera & Paris Cesvette Ft Walter Christopher – No Rhyme No Reason (Vocal) https://bit.ly/2EhDYX9

Destiny-RescuePoetix (Soul Oasis acca-edit)

6)All I Need Is You – The Bros (Emmaculate Remix) https://bit.ly/2y6iV42

7)Roll Back Vinyl: Any Way You Want It – T-Connection

8)X-Klussive: Ode to Muzik – Cresencdo (Dj Sound Science Remixes) coming soon Cyberjamz

9)unknown at this time

10)Roll Back Vinyl: Survive – Club Swing – House of Jazz (SoulCat Polka Dot Park Edit)

11)Tack Pick: Anto Vitale – Children of the Sun (Martino Vocal Mix) – https://bit.ly/2yfcig7

12)Giving you the best that I got – Anita Baker (Shelter Remix)

13)X-Klussive: Audio Porn – Steve OH Traxx E.P coming soon deeperSIDE of Cyberjamz

Just Deep – Seductive Sapphire (acca-edit)

14)I Am Beautiful (Deez Dub rmx)

15)Roll back Vinyl: Work It Out – Testament ?(Soul-a-Pella Edit)

16)1963 – (Original Mix) Aimo – https://bit.ly/2C37ltp

17)Track Pick: More Love – DjPope Sound Of Baltimore Vocal – https://bit.ly/2y9YGT5

18)Mandinka Woman Andreas Horvat – https://bit.ly/2zZ7PiL

19)This is America – DJ Loy Percussion Remix

19)X-Clussive: Thriller Upz – MJ (Abicah Soul Remix)

20)X-Klussive: Take me Home – Cher (Baby Powder on the Dancefloor Remix) Dj Punch

21)Track Pick: Live 2gether – Elliott DjEv Venegas (DJEV Tribal Version) https://bit.ly/2laSTWs

Roll Back & Jam Closing Track:

22)Africa – Toto (Soul Oasis Edit)

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