Special end of the year mix featuring DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)

The House of Soul with DJhousecat(la gata de fuego) end of the year mix.

It has been a great year for us and even though there were a few bumps along the way, we still managed to get it done to the best of our ability. We hope to look forward to 2019. Things either stay the same or we keep things moving to allow the blessings to take place in our lives. Take a moment to click play or download this gorgeous set mixed by my partner and V.P of Cyberjamz Radio.

Have a wonderful incoming New Year and keep your eye on the Prize.

SammyRock & Catherine Harris Rowell

The Catlist:

1)Artphorm – Watt’s Life If It Isn’t Music – Husa Sounds – https://bit.ly/2FY7pOC

2)Those Moments feat Tim Jules Marcel Vogel, Khalil Anthony – https://bit.ly/2QA9DaQ

3)Bringin’ It Back (dub mix) Discotron – https://bit.ly/2BMVG1k

4)Double G’s Turn – Rafael Fernandez – https://bit.ly/2DZyXRd

5)Neptune Atmosphere (You Didn’t Feel My Love) Robb Scott, Gina Foster – https://bit.ly/2KOBdfd

6)Gil Scott-Heron – B Movie (Lac’s give em hell edit) Gil Scott-Heron – https://bit.ly/2Q6RAcY

7)African Music Machine – Black Water Gold (Dr Funkenstein & Paulie’s BONGO Regroove)

8)Biddu Orchestra – Rain Forrest (Onur Engin Edit)

9)Let’s Make Love Tonight (TOT’s Makin’ Love On Da Swing Mix) Isley Brothers

10)Emotion (Earl TuTu & John Khan Soulful House Extended Mix) Tracy Hamlin – https://bit.ly/2IhLpzb

11)The Right Thing The Hardest Thing- Lavan – https://bit.ly/2JZFUl3

12)Existential (feat Jeremy Glenn)James Teej – https://bit.ly/2KICZ0X

13)The Sweetest Pain (John Morales M+M Vocal Groove Dub)S.E.L, Gary Hudgins – https://bit.ly/2oVJR1o

14)Elbert Phillips, Vick Lavender – BrotherHood (sax mix)

15)Groove Emotions-George Lesley – https://bit.ly/2Sr8D6d

16)A Calamaria (Sailing Into the Unknown Version)Michiru Monday – https://bit.ly/2FXnmom

17)Take Me To The Sea Nigel Hayes, Rachel Berg – https://bit.ly/2JHn2s4

18)All I Need Is You (DvT and M-Dubb Main)The Bros – https://bit.ly/2APDB0D

19)Bessame (Keith Black and Kwazi Ngema Remix) Rocio Starry & Drula – https://bit.ly/2PhnPAX

20)Push It (Remix)Big Sean & Jhené Aiko РCalvINSOL Remix

21)Fuminori Kagajo Jaidene Veda – New Day (BRUJERIA SOUL BEATS N KEYS EDITION) https://bit.ly/2tLy6fx

22)Devotion -G. Bunn (Blackk Print) Shino Blackk

23)Freedom – Tom Chasteen (Ibadansfere NJ Dub) feat Anthony Flannagen

24)HOUSE FLAVOR – DJEV MIXX – coming soon Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

25)Down Under (feat SIS)Sabb – https://bit.ly/2Ii4Kzg


27)Samb’Afrika Madness LuuDrumma – https://bit.ly/2DVWPoO

28)Blowing EaSt – DB Going There Mix – Billy Paul – https://bit.ly/2KcZQAz

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