The first mix of 2018 for SammyRock aka Soul Oasis Cyberjamz Radio

The House of Soul w/SammyRock aka Soul Oasis in the Mix.This nice show was the first of 2019 and I had a blast playing it. Listen closely how this set goes from Deep to Afro and everywhere else I decided to take it,so come take a musical trip with me.

Big thanks to everyone for the support of our show which comes on every Monday from 9am – 2pm est at Cyberjamz Radio Headquarterz.

The Soul list:

1)Roll back vinyl: Music from A Fistfu of Dollars – Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

2)unknown at this time

3)Track Pick: The Reason – K1 feat. Jackie Queens – or

4)Track Pick: Summer Days – Chris Geka (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Mix)

5)Track Pick: Heartless – Divided Souls (Original Mix)

6)Track Pick: Salome (Original Mix) Cuneyt Cilingiroglu –
Qua Tanka – Patrick Green feat Nimba Burr (Soul Oasis Acca-Jam Edit)

7)Track Pick: Soulmate Feat. Josh Milan (Original Mix) Antonio Ocasio –

8)unknown at this time

9)Chocolate Melts – Seductive Sapphire (Soul Oasis Acca-Edit)

10)Roll back Music & Vinyl: Beat that bitch with a Bat -Johnny Dangerous

11)Grandmaster (Re-Edit) – Al-Faris, Wooden’N'Farley –

12)Risin’ – Block & Crown, Chris Marina (Block & Crown Raww Dubb)

13)Strong2 – Chris Jones –

14)unknown at this time

15)Track Pick: Holding On – Barbara Tucker (Club Mix)

16)Roll Back Music: Boogie Wonderland – EWF(Remix)

17)Roll Back Music & Jam: Don’t Stop – K.I.D

18)Track Pick: This is that kind of Feelin – DJEV Elliott Venegas

19)Roll back Vinyl: Deep Menace – D’Menace

20)X-Klussive: (Baby Powder Gospel Mix) 2018 Remix By Dj Punch

21)Track Pick: The Naked Drum – DjjoelS –

22)Roll back Music & Vinyl: Sweetest Day Of May – Joe T. Vannelli Project (Gospell Club Mix)

23)Track Pick: Feels Good (Yeah!) – Kelly G. –

24)Butterflies Dub – Zepherin Saint –

25)Apple Tree Feat. K-Modi (Original Mix) – Artwork –

26)Passengers – Veja Vee Khali –
Counting Sheep – RescuePoetix

27)Roll back Vinyl and Ride – Closer – Freedom

28)What It Feels Like – Myles Bigelow and Aileen De La Cruz

29)Sanctuary – Steal Vybe & Sheree Hicks

30)The Violins – DJEV – Elliott Venegas

31)Mi Corazon – DjEV – Elliott Venegas coming soon

32)Hungry Hyenas (Original MIx) – The Heavy Quarterz-

Poem by Nina Donovon Nasty Woman as told by Ashely Judd(Soul Oasis Edit)

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