Cyberjamz Radio presents The Soul Oasis Show /SammyRock March 18,2019

The House of Soul w/Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis. Here is my portion of the mix which aired at Cyberjamz Radio Monday March 18,2019. A few nice pieces in this set. Hope you enjoy this set as much as I did playing it.

The Soulist:

1)Baby Powder & Whistles – JerzyPeach (DJ ERV Remix) –

2)Roll Back Music & Vinyl Ride: Lies – Marvin Springer

3)Yo – Purple Disco Machine –

4)X:klusive – Diry Talk – Tank (MR.DMAX Remix)

5)Roll Back Vinyl & Edit – Missing you – Larry Heard

6)Jam – 2 Good @ Goodbye – Sam Smith (Dj Oji Remix) –


8)Track Pick – Definition Ilhan Gumus Remix – Mr V & Ilhan Gumus, Mr. V –

9)Roll back Music and Vinyl: In my World – Tawanna – SammyRock at

10)Jam Stil Here – Kings of House NYC feat Julie McKnight (Louie Vega Deep Dub)

10)Nobody But You – Instrumental Mix – Mark Francis, Thandi Draai

11)Deep Belief – Soul Mission feat Brutha Basil

12)Felle Mo – Original Mix – Komlexity –

13)Roll back Viny and Edit: It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day – The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.(Clivilles & Cole Vocal House Remix) (Soul Oasis Edit)

14)Track Pick: Clap Your Hands (Original Mix) Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson –

15)Roll back Music and Vinyl: Never Tempt Me – Infiniti Feat.: Juan Atkins (Soul Oasis Teck the Mix)

16)Paradise Sax – (feat. Bruno Soares Sax)

17)Nassau Funk (Original Mix) Ken@Work –

18)Space & Time (Extended Vocal Mix)

Dario D’Attis, Jinadu –

19)Track Pick: Cranes in the Sky – Tracy Hamlin (Dj Oji Morris Bmore Classic Vocal Remix)

20)GO – Misedukayted – hWah Stellar Disco Mix – Cyberjamz Records

21)Track Pick: Real Deep UK, Stephanie Cooke – More (Jersey Soul Mixes)
Jersey Soul Club Armory Vocal

22)Ode to Workout – Soul Oasis vs. Cresendo vs. Tyrone Francis & Tiger Wilson –

Closing track and thank you !

23)Bohemian Rhapsody – Remix (Soul Oasis Pitch Change Edit)

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