Special Soul Oasis Show w/ SammyRock aka Soul Oasis Aug 10,2020 (Part One)

If you missed my show Monday Aug 10,2020,then there is the SoulCast to jam too.

Stream it… download it… and run it!

As these times amoung us are unpresidented,we must continue in keeping our composure and faith up. We must unite as a people and not allow negativity to run our lives and so we fight on! I truly hope the music in this mix can ease some of your worries even if for a moment in time.

The Soulist:

1.Sal Negro & Diamondancer – The Ghetto has no Color off the This is my Neighbourhood Album

2.Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Louis Armstrong (Soul Oasis Edit)

3.Theo Parrish – Love Is War For Miles https://bit.ly/2QrZtr9

Weysa Dya – I am Love (Soul Oasis Acca-Edit)

4.Sal Negro feat. Jesse Szabo – This Is My Neighborhood

5.Jehan & Donnie Moustaki – Cool Man Nazz – https://bit.ly/3io2W6g

6.Senpu – Scream So Good (MJ) https://bit.ly/3gTPG9f

7.First Ear – Duncan Gerow – Method Man + Busta Rhymes + Kaytranada = Whats Happenin – https://bit.ly/33NbW0q

8.Rollback Vinyl Jam and Remix Slave – Slide (Mike Maurro Remix) / Soul Oasis loop n ride Da Funk
EMAN- I’ts yours (Soul Oasis acca-edit)

9.Rollback Jam and Super Ride – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – The Message

10.Rollback Jam,Vinyl & Edit Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love (Soul Oasis Loop n Ride with Love)

11.DjPope – #529 – https://bit.ly/3iiQ8Og

12.New Dawn (Musa Stretch Rewrk) – bandcamp page

13.Dannis Winston – More Than Anything (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) https://bit.ly/3fIH5V8

14.Mausiki Scales, Kai Alce – Mezmerized (Kai Alce Vocal) https://bit.ly/2PA9a6J

15. Juanita Wynn & Augmented Soul – I Just Wanna Live – https://bit.ly/3gLa3p0

16.Rollback Music and Jam to 2009 – Carla Prather & Vick Lavender -First Kiss (Abicah Soul Mix) https://bit.ly/2PzgAqO

17.Rob Rhythm – Touch My Body (Rob Rhythm Vocal Mix) https://bit.ly/2XDONdd

18.Rocco Feat. Kafele – It s Over (Eltonnick Dub Remix) – https://bit.ly/3gJiscv

19.Rework Pick Tim Dolla- Guess Wh’s Perfect (Remix) https://bit.ly/3aaUmEV

20.Rework Pick CalvinSol vs. Salah Ananse – The Way (Calvinsol Tribal Mix) Original Mix – https://bit.ly/30EDUcV

21.Alright -CalvinSOL (Original Mix) https://bit.ly/2XHJtph

22.Xclussive Music Alert My Power By Beyonce (Baby Powder Afro Drums Mix) 2020 Remix (Dj Punch & Dj Kelly Kel)

23.Gelukkige Afrika – Fela (Baby Powder Afro Mix) 2020 Remix By Dj Punch Baby Powder goes Afro Vol#2

24.Pam Weathers – Believe Reloaded (TheFREEZproject Remix) https://bit.ly/34CvHbD

25.Simply Red – Holding Back the Years (GA Re Bump) https://bit.ly/2Y4v4Un

26.EMAN – The Meaning of Living (Max Martinez Remix)

27.Muzungu – We Are Stars (Muzungu Original Vocal Mix) https://bit.ly/31JtM1Q

28.Rollback Vinyl & Jam – Deep Sensation – Somehow, Somewhere (There’s A Soul Heaven)

29.Rollback Vinyl & Jam – Jay Williams – Sweat (Soul Oasis Loop n Ride the Dance Track)

30.Titan davis – Touch & Go (Titan Davis Diggin In The Vault) https://bit.ly/3gNtQE3

31.Test Run – Touch n Go Boogie Nights (DJ MUSA STRETCH REWORK)

32.Tracy Hamlin and DjPope – Gotta Move On – https://bit.ly/2PEIFwO

33.Xclussive Release Alert Houseologist@Wurk (The Riddum Conguero Vibe Mix) coming soon

34.Rollback Music and Vinyl JAM – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me

35.CalvinSol – The Madness of Summer (Part Deux) https://bit.ly/2DTS2GB

36. Deep FX feat Anaud – I fell in love with You – https://bit.ly/39PghkT

37. unknown at this time

38.Jam Pick BRASSIERE (DJEV UNDERGROUND MIX) https://bit.ly/2PJg8GE

Closing Track
39.SOUTHROAD CONNECTION – We like it,We love it

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