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The SoulCat Show feat. DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) at Cyberjamz Radio

The SoulCat Show featuring DjHousecat(la gate de Fuego) Here we have yet another example why good music does not have an expiration date. Catherine went diggin in this set. Check-in every Monday from 9am – 2pm est USA TIME at Cyberjamz Internet Radio as we feature great vibes and your soul.

Cyberjamz Radio pres: Salute the Dj Music Marathon (The Finale) with SammyRock aka Soul Oasis

SOULute the Dj Music Marathon featuring yours truly SammyRock aka Soul Oasis was for me a time to thank all labes,artist,producers,remixers,the lovers of music and those that coninue to serve our music community. We thank you all! stream or download this nice set and listen to it during your leisure time. I think you will[...]

Cyberjamz Radio pres: Salute the Dj Music Marathon (The Finale) feat DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)

Salute the Dj Music Marathon (The Finale) was really nice just as in previous years. DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) took us a special musicial journey. This set has been on rotation in my car for the last two weeks or go and makes for a great work-out soundtrack during your routines. Stream or download it[...]

The SoulCat Show featuring DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) Jan 13,2020

This set here has been on rotation in my vehicle as it features some wonderful music and blends by our very own DjHousecat(la gata de fuego). Download this mix and groove with us……It’s all about the musical ride.

The SOULCAT Show feat. DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) Dec 09,20219

This wonderful set aired at Cyberjamz Internet Radio Dec 9,2019 and it’s one of our favorites and the music flows perfect for those that love different genres. What I love about this mix is that DjHousecat(la gata de fuego) starts off on the deep downtempo side of things and ends with an uplifting soulful house,[...]

The soulFUL Ways of SammyRock aka Soul Oasis at Cyberjamz Radio

Here is my 4 hour contribution to this thing we all love. Hope you enjoy the selections as I start off with something deep followed by soulful house and rest .. well you already know. Anything goes at The Soul Oasis Show ! enjoy!

Dancing in the Moonlight – Dedication to Tee Cee 13 & Jammet (RIP) by SammyRock

This year we have lost one of our own at Cyberjamz Radio along-side his partner and long time supporter of what we do at the station. This set here is a dedication to them both……. R.I.P Tony Cepeda (Tee Cee 13) of the Zing Zang Crew & his wife Jeanette Trossi (Jammet). It took me[...]

Official Podcast Channel of The SoulCat Show l w/ SammyRock & DjHousecat(la gata de fuego)

Welcome everyone to our official SOULCAT SHOW podcast channel powered by cyberJAMZ Radio . Bookmark this page and keep up to date with all of our archived podcasts of our shows and special guest Deejays featured at Cyberjamz Internet Radio (since 2003) **TO DOWNLOAD OUR PODCAST please ALLOW FOR ADOBE FLASH TO RUN ON[...]


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